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Our Story

It all started in 2021. A group of 4 people with very different but complementary backgrounds met around a shared interest: Sustainability. Together, Clément, Mario, Stéphane and Vincent shaped a product and a company around it: yuxi.

Our purpose

To ensure a livable future for our kids.

Our vision

To build accessible resources for future generations.

We are a venture in Smart Sustainable Buildings

Passionate entrepreneurs

Passionate entrepreneurs

We have different backgrounds and skill sets. But we all share a true passion for entrepreneurship at heart. As a mean to achieve great value for our societies.

Sustainability at heart

Sustainability at heart

This is what brought us together: We shared vision that we are responsible for the future and that we need to take action to ensure a livable future for the next generations.

Swiss made

Swiss made

Quality is in our nature. We are proudly based in Zurich, Switzerland. The mountains and nature surrounding us are truly inspiring but also reminding us of the urgency of our mission. Moreover we are thriving thanks to the best talents from top Swiss universities: When great people connect around ambitious ideas!

The Team

We are passionate entrepreneurs moved by a common vision.
We have complementary skill sets and backgrounds.
And we are ready to take on the next challenge!

Stéphane Nicolas

CEO & Product

Mario Baumgartner

Business & Sales

Clément Quessette

Customer Success

Yuxi is your everyday companion to reach your ESG goals.

It scans your buildings, analyzes the energy consumption and makes simple recommendations to increase energy efficiency and comfort for its users.


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Address: Voltastrasse 59, CH-8044 Zurich