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yuxi is a software only solution.
As it is technology agnostic, it can be installed in every building at any time.
And as it is only running in the building's technical network, the risk for a cyber attack is drastically reduced.

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Learn and analyze

Once installed and set up, our algorithms are getting to know your building and its tenants: Thanks to these data, the software will design the right building model to implement.

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Advices and tips

Nothing is imposed, everything is proposed!
We provide you with recommendations while explaining the targeted but also possible side effects.
You are the expert: You decide!
Swipe mechanism to accept/reject recommendations

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Once a recommendation has been accepted and implemented, our software automatically starts tracking the relevant energy consumption.
We help you assess the efficiency of the implemented measures.
We also use this tracking as a feedback loop to improve the building's model.

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Yuxi is your everyday companion to reach your ESG goals.

It scans your buildings, analyzes the energy consumption and makes simple recommendations to increase energy efficiency and comfort for its users.


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