Holistic approach

"It is never as easy as it looks"
Infrastructures are complex systems involving various parameters.

To solve the energy efficiency challenge. yuxi looks at buildings as wholes and not as collections of independent parameters. We are therefore focusing on reaching the optimum of 3 key parameters: Energy efficiency, users' well-being and installations' lifetime.

What shall we reach together? Lower energy consumption, lower maintenance costs and higher customers' satisfaction.


User Experience

"Technology is a tool to ease and optimize humans' work"
This is one of our core beliefs

Our focus is on helping you to achieve your goals. To do so, our solution is as easy to use as the challenge it tackles is complex.

yuxi guides you step by step into your journey Every recommendation is clearly explained: Why do we offer this measure? What impact will it have? Is it a one time measure or a long term one? Rather than optimizing your assets, your are future-proofing them!

Truly customized

"Each and every building is unique"
This was the first lesson we've learned.

Buildings themselves are already complex structures involving many topics (architecture, engineering, design ...). But their users are the ones rising the inherent complexity to another level: They make each building truly unique.

yuxi analyses all your buildings' operational data and leverages the power of its technology stack. Our solution generates building and users specific models to better simulate and predict their future behaviors.



Yuxi is your everyday companion to reach your ESG goals.

It scans your buildings, analyzes the energy consumption and makes simple recommendations to increase energy efficiency and comfort for its users.


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